Honey, don't you want a man like me?

That sounds a bit like "come get it like a bitch funky sex machine."

Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium
4 April 1981
I live in a kinda small town in northeast Ohio. I work 40 hours a week assembling stuff in a factory eleven miles away from here. It's not bad, really. I spend most weekends with my girlfriend and I drive up to Cleveland for rawk shows when I can. I enjoy animated television programs and sitting in front of the computerbox. I kind of enjoy pro wrestling but don't really watch it anymore (I still watch older stuff on video / DVD at home.) Also, I like girls. Cute chubby ones, for instance. With glasses. Damn yeah!

Music is a notable love of mine and is one thing I tend to talk about a lot here in the journal. I do a lot of music listening at work, and some at home (and in the car.) I seem to buy a lot of records and CDs and stuff. Actually, I have a list online of everything I own, which can be found here --> http://recordnerd.com/lists/squinterjesus. If you ever get the notion to browse that and happen to see something that you would like a copy of, contact me. Maybe we can organize a trade or something. And, you know, feel free to leave comments on various journal entries and discuss music with me. I enjoy that.

Pablo Picasso said "A day without laughter is a day wasted." I like to laugh and be entertained, and I like to make fun of things and point out ridiculous and absurd aspects of things (like music, and just life in general). Not everyone really gets what I'm on about sometimes, but whatever. I don't go out of my way to seem "unique" or "weird", but some people are harder to grasp than others, I suppose.

Um.. that's most of what I'm about right there, summed up in as simple a way as I can manage.

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A long while ago, I posted one of those entries where the idea was to get some ridiculous number of comments, like 500 or something. It's still posted here. I may get there some day.
Feel free to leave a comment at your leisure. Any old comment you damn well feel like. Say something. Ask me something. Whatever.
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*~you and me, baby.. twinkle, twinkle..
blah, blah, blah.. etc.~*

I listen to records all night long...

Also, every time you say "fuck", a demon gets his horns.

So, miseryintruder asked me "didn't that guy die?", referring to the one-armed drummer of Def Leppard. I said that no, he didn't, but I did remember some years ago when he was arrested for beating up his wife or something. To which I remarked, you know, how does a one-armed man beat his wife? He can't even hold her down to slap her or whatever. So I theorized that he must have beat her with one arm the same way he plays drums with one arm, hitting things with his feet that he programmed to beat his wife.

The above paragraph is from my LiveJournal entry on September 8, 2004 and refers to a conversation which took place over a meal at IHOP in North Canton, Ohio.
It is included here because it was declared by tylerpistol to be
The Funniest Thing I, derekfz, Ever Said in My Journal.

mWo. It's not just the coolest, it's fa lyfe, so survey says
whether you like it or don't like it, never E-e-e-ver tell
me he did *not* just SMELL what mWo 3:16 reeks of.

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